Welp, I started a god damned blog.

Fuck you

Yup, i broke down and created  a platform for myself and others to bitch and complain. This site has been a long time coming.  Facebook is garbage juice on an ice cream Sunday. When i had one, my posts were just crazy ass rants about nothing. That is essentially why this site exists. to give myself and others that are filled with seething hate or at the very least, general animosity towards the general public, an outlet to come together and organize our negative temperaments. THIS IS NOT A FRIENDLY PLACE! This may or may not be a politically correct place, depending on my mood that day.  I’m doing this shit for me and other people like me, not for you. I’d wipe my ass with your infant sons photos if they printed your Instagram on toilet paper. i bet you call your pets “kids” sing along to (shitty teen pop band) and lay awake thinking of all the “productive” new improvements at next Thursdays staff meeting. row a boat out to where ever this stock photo was taken and throw yourself overboard.       FUCK. THAT. NOISE.post

Author: irritatedasshole001

Hi there internet, my name is Joseph Langlois and i'm a bitter angry miserable person that complains a bunch and is generally dissatisfied with most things and people. You're just like me. lets drink beers and yell at the computer.

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