Save the fugly liquor store on 7th ave; you know the one.

Save the historic Melrose Liquor store!!!


Please consider clicking on the link above to sign a petition to keep this well know landmark from being destroyed.

Apparently the peeps that bought the area and put up new buildings want to get rid of this place…that has been selling liquor since 1957…with two drive thru’s.

WHO THE FUCK DOES THAT?!…Bastards; yep, that’s gotta be right. it feels right.

who shows up to the hood, building new fancy buildings, that i cannot, nor will not ever be able to afford to live in and remove from the neighborhood one of the few things i can actually use and afford.

I don’t live in the neighborhood, but I’ve personally utilized this drive thru booze store many times in the past, and its one of the few things I’ve always counted on. It was there when i was a young kid, in my booster seat in the car, and when i was a teenager getting stoned at a buddies house.  In a 5 mile radius i know where i can get liquor and smokes beer and snacks. it’s not a circle k or big name place, and as far as i can tell the only marketing the place has ever done is its goofy paint job, but what the hell, its worked this long.

it’s old, but well known and loved place to get your sauce.

The future residents of the buildings being built are going to need a booze hookup; working a soul-crushing job to afford rent on a shared living space and a car. after the gourmet groceries all that’s in the budget Thursday night is 6 dollars, and that’s enough for a cheap cigar and a 40 oz.  you need that shit to get through the night and show up to work on “fuckihatethatcuntsara-friday” fresh and relaxed. aren’t you glad their is a place a block away from you that can provide you with these luxuries??

No??  is it because bums? don’t be scared. they’re shitting and fucking each other all over the place anyways. cant stop them. that’s why the bus smells like ripe cheese and asshole in July. DUH

only part of it huh?

it’s because your gonna be paying 40 percent of your salary in rent, to LIVE IN A NICE PLACE DAMN IT!!!

oooooooh! *ding-ding* i found the button u guyz!

Old Phoenix is a dirty, sticky, bleached by the sun, Shithole.  That’s how i like it and how it should stay. Don’t expect us assholes, to change for all you nice beautiful people, just because you showed up and paid more for the nice building.

Update 6/28/2017:

The number of signatures necessary  were reached; liquor store stays. FUCK YEAH! *sunglasses*

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