Covid-19 In Phoenix Arizona

around and around we go, will this shit show ever end? God I hope so

ive been following covid-19 since December 2019, and i watched it grow all over the country like mold on home made bread. i was concerned in January, and people ignored me, i told people in February and then again in March. at one point i spent my last 40$ early in the week to buy N-95 masks. People laughed at me, they said not to worry so much, it’ll be just like the big deal. Late march i started working from home. and I’ve been doing so ever since.

and as much as i take precautions, so may others in my state don’t & won’t and use a deadly virus as a soap box for their civil liberties, and frankly its the most deplorable horse shit i’ve ever seen in my whole fucking life.

as if being american entitles you to get someone sick. fuck right off you stupid silly child.

Ear muffs to all the actual children
poor Timmy, he’s allergic to stupid

i mean it really confounds the mind. where are your morals for fellow human beings? rant and rave and throw a fit and say that your liberties are being infringed upon. and all you can say to justify yourself is the ultra basic kindergarten “i dont wanna , you cant make me!” argument and whats fucked is normally id say this is dawrinism at its finest, and it is; but these shit bags are gonna get you and me sick because they decided this virus is a scam and wearing a mask to protect you from that scam is a rape of liberty. who came up with this shit? i mean really?? i wanna know. did the dude use subliminal messaging or something? a shiny piece of tin foil perhaps?

and before you try to find that guy for me, track me down the son of a bitch who came up with the idea that Covid-19 is a scam to make the president lose the election and made so many people believe it. If covid is bullshit then whats killing all these people? the flu? get the fuck outta he’ah! if someone released a scam that kills people and is highly infectious that’s whats called a FUCKING BIO-WEAPON! Do you really think someone set off a bio weapon in china so trump would lose the election? are you fucking with me? your fucking with me, its gotta be a joke.

where is this fuckin’ guy? i want him dead Mick, i want this fuckin guy in the spazzatura.

hey, here’s a thought, maybe this shit isnt fun for anyone, and none of us want to put up with it. we all want to be done with this miserable virus. we all want it to go away and the only way it goes away is by people not being dumb dicks and cunts and complying with the same shit they did 100 years ago in the Spanish flu days. staying the fuck at home and away from other people. (on a side note, isnt it kind fucked up that in 100 years or longer we have no better solution for situations like this?) so do us all a favor get the fuck off your soap box so we can chop it up with an ax. a little bit of mask wearing and hand washing will save future generations from dealing with covid-19, its not just about your selfish ass, you selfish ass.

Author: irritatedasshole001

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