Joseph Langlois:

This guy is in his early 30’s. he drinks and smokes cigarettes and weed as often as possible. his goals in life are to not get thrown in prison; go to bars, not hate every single stupid person or thing in life.

Joe swears all the fuckin’ time. he’s pretty much the worst.  he’s never been called “nice” by anyone. ever.  “terrible”, “negative”, “condescending fuckhead” “sack of shit” “asshole” are all words or phrases people have used to describe this ungrateful unworthy garbage, and….that’s about right. oh, i forgot; disrespectful, and most recently snarky

And he’s pretty cool with that. he’s probably not cool with you though. he probably doesn’t think very highly of you at all. he assumes you are one of the dreadful normal’s that says phrases like: “you shouldn’t joke about that”  “that’s not funny” “don’t talk about fucking my dead mother”  crack a cold one a chill the fuck out.  if you believe in “bad words” you’re most likely a feeble minded person with a fence post up your ass. get the fuck out of here and go pray to your god for forgiveness from bearing witness to such a loudmouthed disrespectful asshole.


(Oscar the ostrich is sad that your ears are such a little bitch!)

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