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Covid-19 In Phoenix Arizona

around and around we go, will this shit show ever end? God I hope so

ive been following covid-19 since December 2019, and i watched it grow all over the country like mold on home made bread. i was concerned in January, and people ignored me, i told people in February and then again in March. at one point i spent my last 40$ early in the week to buy N-95 masks. People laughed at me, they said not to worry so much, it’ll be just like the flu.no big deal. Late march i started working from home. and I’ve been doing so ever since.

and as much as i take precautions, so may others in my state don’t & won’t and use a deadly virus as a soap box for their civil liberties, and frankly its the most deplorable horse shit i’ve ever seen in my whole fucking life.

as if being american entitles you to get someone sick. fuck right off you stupid silly child.

Ear muffs to all the actual children
poor Timmy, he’s allergic to stupid

i mean it really confounds the mind. where are your morals for fellow human beings? rant and rave and throw a fit and say that your liberties are being infringed upon. and all you can say to justify yourself is the ultra basic kindergarten “i dont wanna , you cant make me!” argument and whats fucked is normally id say this is dawrinism at its finest, and it is; but these shit bags are gonna get you and me sick because they decided this virus is a scam and wearing a mask to protect you from that scam is a rape of liberty. who came up with this shit? i mean really?? i wanna know. did the dude use subliminal messaging or something? a shiny piece of tin foil perhaps?

and before you try to find that guy for me, track me down the son of a bitch who came up with the idea that Covid-19 is a scam to make the president lose the election and made so many people believe it. If covid is bullshit then whats killing all these people? the flu? get the fuck outta he’ah! if someone released a scam that kills people and is highly infectious that’s whats called a FUCKING BIO-WEAPON! Do you really think someone set off a bio weapon in china so trump would lose the election? are you fucking with me? your fucking with me, its gotta be a joke.

where is this fuckin’ guy? i want him dead Mick, i want this fuckin guy in the spazzatura.

hey, here’s a thought, maybe this shit isnt fun for anyone, and none of us want to put up with it. we all want to be done with this miserable virus. we all want it to go away and the only way it goes away is by people not being dumb dicks and cunts and complying with the same shit they did 100 years ago in the Spanish flu days. staying the fuck at home and away from other people. (on a side note, isnt it kind fucked up that in 100 years or longer we have no better solution for situations like this?) so do us all a favor get the fuck off your soap box so we can chop it up with an ax. a little bit of mask wearing and hand washing will save future generations from dealing with covid-19, its not just about your selfish ass, you selfish ass.

Gate the fucking alleys

the bum super highway



So apparently the royal palm neighborhood is trying to get gated fences on their alleyways.

About Damn time!

i have questions though! soooo many questions!

will the bums and junkies move north or south to pillage and plunder through trash cans?

will there be islands of shopping carts together with one lone guy watching them as others are off on a fix?

where do the undesirables go in Mesa? Mesa has fences on their alleys.

Now me personally,  as some may know, hate junkies.  at the time of this writing i live next to one. i also live in an area with open alleyways. people pass through the alley behind the house that i’m living in now, to get access to my junkie neighbor.

it’s a wild fucking thing to be watering your garden in the evening while junkies are congregating. two grown adults yelling back and forth for everyone to hear, as one explains who he is to the residing, and how he was vetted or referred. I’ve heard them talking prices in meth code. it sure is swell as fuck living around that shit.

Now  when people talk about just dumping some trash out in an alleyway and dipping; that’s a pretty big problem. i know this 100% for sure. I have done it, and I’ve told other people to do it too. do you think someone lines up bulk trash pickup and a new mattress purchase? not this guy! what to do with the old? no car to take it to the dump. Hmmm. wait till midnight and drag that sucker to the alley a few blocks away. shit man, come to think of it, me and a roommate tossed a couch into an apartment dumpster long ways so half of it was straight poking out the top. the process of ditching your furniture at the dumpster area is so common they had to hire a guy to come and check for furniture daily…..maybe he was just a Mexican with a truck looking for a new chair, honestly i don’t have any idea. i see a Mexican in a truck and just assume he’s on the job, them boy’s put in work.

point is: alleys are a fucking fail.


the only big plus to an alley is you don’t have to look at/ wheel out the fucking bin. anti fence, was quoted on azcentral.com  saying:

“I think it really devalues a neighborhood when you have trash cans out in front,”

▲▲▲that is straight up stupid. the bin’s have wheels. that is literally saying once a week the value of your property goes down because you put out the garbage, ya’ dummy.▲▲▲

on the other hand the pro fence side of the article said:

“It’s a highway for bad things to happen,”

▲▲▲this is not a lie. some guy stole my weed once by knife in an alley. if i had been more brazen about medicating at the time and not been in an alley, i wouldn’t have got robbed by the junkies in said alley…Goddamned junkies▲▲▲




the  a big downside to gating the residential alleys in Phoenix for me, is not giving people a place to stop and piss/shit when they’re getting home drunk.

but a big pro to gated alleys is you cant just park your vehicle behind someones house and load it up when they’re out of town, so like that’s pretty cool.


shit! what if we turn alleys into mini campgrounds for shit people? 10 people to an alley each has a tent and their own key to the gate? they could eat out of the dumpsters and minimize food waste and landfill production. they could use one of the trash cans for bathing and with a little help from the neighbors have an address for mail deliveries and access to wifi, maybe a community garden?

“your crazy that would never work! would you have that in your back alley?”

Fuckin’ NOPE!

eating my TRASH?! messing up MY VIEW of the neighbors brick wall?!

maybe if they pay tent rent and a mail fee. MAYBE.





On My Train




every god damn work day

on this train

three hours at least. more if i have to stop.

someday’s it smells like rotten asshole malt liquor and armpit

everyday has an air of desperation. each person looking for the person more desperate than they are. trying to identify:  the monster, the savage, the devil may care; through side glances and averted stares.

always someone loud and obnoxious, always some deranged person talking to themselves always a junkie

always junkies at the airport. always 44th ST. Guttertrash. Frankenstein bikes chopped and stolen from the real people.

a foam cup filled with pop that was taken out of the trash. a trash person using trash to steal trash from the convenience store.

i want to watch this modern “Mad Max” living and breathing off of our spare cigarettes, coin and bills on television, not on the god damned train

“Hey, man” “excuse me sir” “could you please help-” FUCK OFF AND DIE!

one mans transportation is another’s begging ground, and another’s bedroom and some guys office for selling meth.

old lady’s with bags of shit that haven’t been fucked in years; america’s Babushka.

kids younger than me with their own screaming children in strollers on my train

disabled veterans that deserve WAY better than being stuck on the tube with regular jack-offs


good stops and bad stops. my neighborhood is all bad stops.

i know what to expect. i have lived all of my years in the same 10 mile radius. dress poor. don’t attract attention. don’t show weakness. assume you are being hunted and hunt the hunter. a display of strength or force is a good deterrent. don’t step till you have too. if you do have to go, go all out.

it’s an interesting thought when you realize the guy sitting across from you is considering robbing you. you’re not sure, but his eye’s have been on your bag for awhile and he just moved way closer. does he have anything to loose? is he desperate? would he stab you over five dollars worth of weed? is he just some guy that switched seats just because he’s crazy?

no way to know.

anyone that says its wrong to judge someone has never taken public transportation.

better lock your eyes on him. let him know you know. better to have witnesses if shit goes down, better odd’s the cops show up before you die. hope he continues to scout for a weaker specimen to prey on. your just trying to get home.

sounds crazy doesn’t it? ride the train more.

body language replaces words often, and perceived threats are everywhere. I’ve seen all kinds of disturbing people  fight and do dumb things over trivial  childish things.

on my train

every day

every god damned day.

Bitch and Moan at Netflix. It’s W.J.W.D.

…well, that and your mom.


Let’s face it. Everyone has Netflix. The cord cutting revolution has been upon us for some time now. It’s a good thing. The cable company “package” to subscribe to channels is dated as all hell. I can count about 8 channels i deem acceptable to rest my gaze upon. If that. The big ones of course; the comedy one, the news one, the sports channel, that channel with the pawn shop show, local news and Seinfeld reruns channel and the “I drink my own piss channel”.

Most of the shows on these networks suck in terms of creating original content. I’d guess all the GOOD idea’s from the writers are squashed for the sure thing that sells.  The peeps need O.C…. All the Motherfucking O.C. you got, but the network is trying to sell ad space…all the Motherfucking ad space they got. Edgy programming idea’s equals advertisers dropping ad time. Sitcoms are out, singing in front of B celeb’s is in.

I take shots of whiskey for the forlorn nation of twats that watches the Sus-hearted child or the pregnant child programs…. but that is another stomach acid inducing rant for next week.

So…got that out a little bit. I needed it. Felt good. No regrets. Now lets chew the steak gristle on Netflix.

Netflix is a worldwide streaming company. So where ever you have internet and a device to hook up to internet you nave Netflix, plus subscription fee’s of course. They buy licensees from production companies for a length of time and then host that content for paying members, and as of 4 years ago they started producing their own programs. Yes, I’ve seen “Stranger Things” and yes, i’ll totally watch all of them episodes with you right now provided you’ve got cold ones, and i can smoke weed on your couch.  Netflix is a goddamned marvel at 8 dollars a month.

Nothing would please me more than to see Big cable companies shrivel up and die like a live worm on summertime asphalt. And it’s is happening, just not fast enough for me. I need to throw some salt on this fucker and watch it melt as i pretend i can hear it begging for mercy.

With all that said:


Email, chat, call, do whatever you have too, just make yourself be known to this streaming beast. I know that sounds fucked up, “Netflix  has been good to me bro, leave dem boys alone”  NOPE.  Dem boys like it when you poke them with a stick.

And if i’m lying, may god strike Bill Cosby a movie deal on Netflix.

If you get in contact with them, they will get back to you,call them up right now and start a filibuster of childhood memories in exchange for “Tin Cup” streaming. Hell, crack a beer, jump on the computer and start a live chat with a rep right fucking now! Tell them you fucking want the original Lion King added and to get the sitcom M*A*S*H* back the fuck up on streaming. Honestly, I don’t give a fuck what you tell them you want, just make sure to tell them and often.

This concept is wasted on you simpletons I just know it.

The new cable company cost’s a handful of pennies a day, they’re world wide, and would love to hear from you. That last part still gets me choked up inside; like a morbidly obese toddlers fat filled arteries. It’s overwhelming.

If enough people demand the same thing, on a state wide, nationwide, or worldwide basis; we the user, can dictate what Netflix streams for forever. What an amazing thought!

As of around April 2017, Netflix was around 100 million subscribers strong and growing. What if a quarter of those users canceled their memberships over the removal of Futurama?! MY GOD MAN! One quarter of a companies revenue dead in a day. That is one strong ass down-vote button on a large spectrum. Yeah, I think the fine folks at Netflix give a shiny brass fuck about what we have to say, and that’s never happened before in any kind of media outlet; the ability to make demands.

Demand away the day people!


Save the fugly liquor store on 7th ave; you know the one.

Save the historic Melrose Liquor store!!!


Please consider clicking on the link above to sign a petition to keep this well know landmark from being destroyed.

Apparently the peeps that bought the area and put up new buildings want to get rid of this place…that has been selling liquor since 1957…with two drive thru’s.

WHO THE FUCK DOES THAT?!…Bastards; yep, that’s gotta be right. it feels right.

who shows up to the hood, building new fancy buildings, that i cannot, nor will not ever be able to afford to live in and remove from the neighborhood one of the few things i can actually use and afford.

I don’t live in the neighborhood, but I’ve personally utilized this drive thru booze store many times in the past, and its one of the few things I’ve always counted on. It was there when i was a young kid, in my booster seat in the car, and when i was a teenager getting stoned at a buddies house.  In a 5 mile radius i know where i can get liquor and smokes beer and snacks. it’s not a circle k or big name place, and as far as i can tell the only marketing the place has ever done is its goofy paint job, but what the hell, its worked this long.

it’s old, but well known and loved place to get your sauce.

The future residents of the buildings being built are going to need a booze hookup; working a soul-crushing job to afford rent on a shared living space and a car. after the gourmet groceries all that’s in the budget Thursday night is 6 dollars, and that’s enough for a cheap cigar and a 40 oz.  you need that shit to get through the night and show up to work on “fuckihatethatcuntsara-friday” fresh and relaxed. aren’t you glad their is a place a block away from you that can provide you with these luxuries??

No??  is it because bums? don’t be scared. they’re shitting and fucking each other all over the place anyways. cant stop them. that’s why the bus smells like ripe cheese and asshole in July. DUH

only part of it huh?

it’s because your gonna be paying 40 percent of your salary in rent, to LIVE IN A NICE PLACE DAMN IT!!!

oooooooh! *ding-ding* i found the button u guyz!

Old Phoenix is a dirty, sticky, bleached by the sun, Shithole.  That’s how i like it and how it should stay. Don’t expect us assholes, to change for all you nice beautiful people, just because you showed up and paid more for the nice building.

Update 6/28/2017:

The number of signatures necessary  were reached; liquor store stays. FUCK YEAH! *sunglasses*

Holy fucking shit!!! its hot in the summertime in Phoenix


sur-FUCKIN-prise, its hot in the summer time again here in Phoenix, AZ. I don’t know how people not already know about this bullshit heat or choose to delete it from memory as soon as November comes, but hey, guess what? we live in a preheated oven for about 5 months out of the year.

I like the heat.

I like that people have come from Florida and other bullshit old people states, to live here, in Phoenix Arizona. A city where you can actually die without air conditioning. Let that shit sink in for a minute….

But wait their’s more!

Only 2 natural non-man made bodies of water exist in the whole goddamned state….so how phoenix is the 6th largest city in the country is a total skull-fucking to the logic receptors in my brain.

no water = dead       no power = dead

Fuckin’ snake/scorpion/gila monster/spider bite yep, you guessed it: DEAD!

Go for a hike…in a literal fucking oven, you dumb ass Phoenician fuck.  Shit, i saw a guy yesterday jogging during the hottest part of the day in direct sunlight, with no water.(it WAS Mesa, so he was probably just running the meth out of his system, so he could do more meth)

There are old movies where dude is stranded in a barren wasteland with an empty canteen, scorched by the sun; skin a dark golden brown, crisp lips cracked and flaking, horse long dead. You cant even drink its blood, the fucking horse evaporated. Yup. We’ve all seen the movies.

Now its no different. Temps are only getting hotter!  This means the DNA of junkies may have adapted to survive the deadly Arizona temps using nothing but: a glass dick, a 44 oz soda, and a piece of cardboard.

Truly awe-inspiring!

If only they would stay in the same place long enough for researchers to tag and document them.

So now, here, pretty soon, we are going to hear stories of people getting airlifted off of a mountain because they didn’t know it was an oven. A couple of people will die to remind the rest of us to drink water and not go outside until mid October. I don’t feel bad about this shit one little bit, I’m a second generation resident. I know not to play with the death orb of radiation. hey, good on me. i can look at the numbers on an oven thermometer and correlate those numbers to the outside thermometer. W00t!  sure as shit cant afford the summer electric bill on my own though….. FUCK…. I’m Dead.


Welp, I started a god damned blog.

Fuck you

Yup, i broke down and created  a platform for myself and others to bitch and complain. This site has been a long time coming.  Facebook is garbage juice on an ice cream Sunday. When i had one, my posts were just crazy ass rants about nothing. That is essentially why this site exists. to give myself and others that are filled with seething hate or at the very least, general animosity towards the general public, an outlet to come together and organize our negative temperaments. THIS IS NOT A FRIENDLY PLACE! This may or may not be a politically correct place, depending on my mood that day.  I’m doing this shit for me and other people like me, not for you. I’d wipe my ass with your infant sons photos if they printed your Instagram on toilet paper. i bet you call your pets “kids” sing along to (shitty teen pop band) and lay awake thinking of all the “productive” new improvements at next Thursdays staff meeting. row a boat out to where ever this stock photo was taken and throw yourself overboard.       FUCK. THAT. NOISE.post