Bitch and Moan at Netflix. It’s W.J.W.D.

…well, that and your mom.


Let’s face it. Everyone has Netflix. The cord cutting revolution has been upon us for some time now. It’s a good thing. The cable company “package” to subscribe to channels is dated as all hell. I can count about 8 channels i deem acceptable to rest my gaze upon. If that. The big ones of course; the comedy one, the news one, the sports channel, that channel with the pawn shop show, local news and Seinfeld reruns channel and the “I drink my own piss channel”.

Most of the shows on these networks suck in terms of creating original content. I’d guess all the GOOD idea’s from the writers are squashed for the sure thing that sells.  The peeps need O.C…. All the Motherfucking O.C. you got, but the network is trying to sell ad space…all the Motherfucking ad space they got. Edgy programming idea’s equals advertisers dropping ad time. Sitcoms are out, singing in front of B celeb’s is in.

I take shots of whiskey for the forlorn nation of twats that watches the Sus-hearted child or the pregnant child programs…. but that is another stomach acid inducing rant for next week.

So…got that out a little bit. I needed it. Felt good. No regrets. Now lets chew the steak gristle on Netflix.

Netflix is a worldwide streaming company. So where ever you have internet and a device to hook up to internet you nave Netflix, plus subscription fee’s of course. They buy licensees from production companies for a length of time and then host that content for paying members, and as of 4 years ago they started producing their own programs. Yes, I’ve seen “Stranger Things” and yes, i’ll totally watch all of them episodes with you right now provided you’ve got cold ones, and i can smoke weed on your couch.  Netflix is a goddamned marvel at 8 dollars a month.

Nothing would please me more than to see Big cable companies shrivel up and die like a live worm on summertime asphalt. And it’s is happening, just not fast enough for me. I need to throw some salt on this fucker and watch it melt as i pretend i can hear it begging for mercy.

With all that said:


Email, chat, call, do whatever you have too, just make yourself be known to this streaming beast. I know that sounds fucked up, “Netflix  has been good to me bro, leave dem boys alone”  NOPE.  Dem boys like it when you poke them with a stick.

And if i’m lying, may god strike Bill Cosby a movie deal on Netflix.

If you get in contact with them, they will get back to you,call them up right now and start a filibuster of childhood memories in exchange for “Tin Cup” streaming. Hell, crack a beer, jump on the computer and start a live chat with a rep right fucking now! Tell them you fucking want the original Lion King added and to get the sitcom M*A*S*H* back the fuck up on streaming. Honestly, I don’t give a fuck what you tell them you want, just make sure to tell them and often.

This concept is wasted on you simpletons I just know it.

The new cable company cost’s a handful of pennies a day, they’re world wide, and would love to hear from you. That last part still gets me choked up inside; like a morbidly obese toddlers fat filled arteries. It’s overwhelming.

If enough people demand the same thing, on a state wide, nationwide, or worldwide basis; we the user, can dictate what Netflix streams for forever. What an amazing thought!

As of around April 2017, Netflix was around 100 million subscribers strong and growing. What if a quarter of those users canceled their memberships over the removal of Futurama?! MY GOD MAN! One quarter of a companies revenue dead in a day. That is one strong ass down-vote button on a large spectrum. Yeah, I think the fine folks at Netflix give a shiny brass fuck about what we have to say, and that’s never happened before in any kind of media outlet; the ability to make demands.

Demand away the day people!