On My Train




every god damn work day

on this train

three hours at least. more if i have to stop.

someday’s it smells like rotten asshole malt liquor and armpit

everyday has an air of desperation. each person looking for the person more desperate than they are. trying to identify:  the monster, the savage, the devil may care; through side glances and averted stares.

always someone loud and obnoxious, always some deranged person talking to themselves always a junkie

always junkies at the airport. always 44th ST. Guttertrash. Frankenstein bikes chopped and stolen from the real people.

a foam cup filled with pop that was taken out of the trash. a trash person using trash to steal trash from the convenience store.

i want to watch this modern “Mad Max” living and breathing off of our spare cigarettes, coin and bills on television, not on the god damned train

“Hey, man” “excuse me sir” “could you please help-” FUCK OFF AND DIE!

one mans transportation is another’s begging ground, and another’s bedroom and some guys office for selling meth.

old lady’s with bags of shit that haven’t been fucked in years; america’s Babushka.

kids younger than me with their own screaming children in strollers on my train

disabled veterans that deserve WAY better than being stuck on the tube with regular jack-offs


good stops and bad stops. my neighborhood is all bad stops.

i know what to expect. i have lived all of my years in the same 10 mile radius. dress poor. don’t attract attention. don’t show weakness. assume you are being hunted and hunt the hunter. a display of strength or force is a good deterrent. don’t step till you have too. if you do have to go, go all out.

it’s an interesting thought when you realize the guy sitting across from you is considering robbing you. you’re not sure, but his eye’s have been on your bag for awhile and he just moved way closer. does he have anything to loose? is he desperate? would he stab you over five dollars worth of weed? is he just some guy that switched seats just because he’s crazy?

no way to know.

anyone that says its wrong to judge someone has never taken public transportation.

better lock your eyes on him. let him know you know. better to have witnesses if shit goes down, better odd’s the cops show up before you die. hope he continues to scout for a weaker specimen to prey on. your just trying to get home.

sounds crazy doesn’t it? ride the train more.

body language replaces words often, and perceived threats are everywhere. I’ve seen all kinds of disturbing people  fight and do dumb things over trivial  childish things.

on my train

every day

every god damned day.